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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

safe from harm

image credit: peter kent waddington

the swiss government made a statement last week that has created a ripple in the hiv/aids treatment and prevention world. i don't know what the outcome of all this is or will be. i do know that the messaging that is currently used by this industry (treatment and prevention) is pretty broken. it is based upon solutions that were decided upon during a time of crisis in our community. the messaging and the tactics for prevention haven't really changed much since then. and it certainly hasn't kept up with our community at all.

there is no longer a sense of urgency prevailing. no visible crisis. there is treatment available and the treatment has removed the concept of urgency right out of the picture. yes, gay men are still testing positive. however, it is viewed as a stigma more than a virus and has moved to the back shelf of importance in most gay men's lives.

i think dialogue that offers new ideas, new thoughts, new directions for conversations, and new ways for gay men to think about taking care of themselves and each other is what might be needed now. we have a good distance to go with regard to gay men's mental and physical wellness. we have been sidetracked so long now because of hiv. so much of our time has been spent in plugging the leaks and ignoring the weak spots. maybe discussions like these can help us move forward into more concrete ideas for planning our futures and helping to map a safer pathway for those young gay men to follow.

i'd love to know what you think.... lifelube post

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Java said...

I'd love to tell you what I think. If I could think. I read this post and part of the link. I know it is a serious issue, and one that I care about. But my body is sick now and my brain can't concentrate well enough to understand the whole article or form cogent thought about it.

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