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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

remember then imagine

i have been in a weird space in my head for a couple of weeks. i am working my program and it seems to be helping, but i still am feeling strange. i think that always recognizing myself when i'm feeling differently than i have felt most of my life is a challenge sometimes. i have no doubts i am fine, but i need to remember i am changing, i do not need to be the person i was so many years. or at least i don't have to be battling myself in my head. this is a work in progress.

i guess part of who i used to be can be remembered in part by a series of posts i am doing on aftermeth blog. the posts are throwbacks to my raconteur days and some very beloved music that probably falls under the category of punk or alternative. this is the style and the fashion that was my existence from '78 til '83. i used to go to 3 or 4 shows a week in chicago to see bands. gay bars kinda bored me then. i thought gay men were toxic and cut-throat and i didn't want to swim in that pond. then aids happened and i shifted focus. thank goodness i don't have to feel that way any more.
so anyway i hope you will check out some of the offerings from my 80's....


i really want to give kudos to jeremiah for cluing me in to this one. i haven't had a chance to see idol this year 'cuz i'm doing more at work til 8p. i think this young guy is a keeper. what a voice and his 'tude is admirable too!

it does help me to remember that dreams do become reality.

david archuleta


Marc said...

He's so friggin' adorable it hurts. I wanna put him in my knapsack and carry him around all day as he gently sings in my ear he's so adorable.

Java said...

I like the voice, yes. But as Marc said, OMG how cute! And he looks so young!

Texaco said...

OK - so first of all, he's mormon and therefor he's mine. "for time and all eternity." we'll be married in the temple. Then I'll kick Noah Wiley out of the little cage I keep him in beside my bed and put David in it.

secondly - his little fan club here in boise has given him a new name. we call him Basket of Kittens.

It's not sexual attraction really, though that is part of it. I just want to CONSUME him.

love you bye

Sheria said...

He is my favorite on AI. Yes, I watch faithfully. He is only seventeen but his vocal talents speak of an old soul.

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