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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

back to basics

city park denver from my blackberry

happy st patricks day to y'all and top o' the morning. another spring has arrived and life seems quite good. i have begun to walk the park as i have taken the entire fall and winter off (and gained significant weight i might add). it was challenging yesterday just for me to get the 3 1/2 miles around.

the peer mentoring training (hiv one on one) starts on saturday. our out of town guests will check in to their hotels on friday. this is exciting and no doubt will be an adventure. we are hosting a party on saturday night and also a farewell dinner on tuesday night. lots of things happening.

on thursday evening i am scheduled to attend the first board meeting for ten. it should be interesting to say the least. i have found myself feeling a myriad of things with regard to this project. the good thing is that i'm learning i'm entitled to my feelings, whether they are helpful or not.

and i still wait to hear about a new gig which will no doubt change my life enourmously. i haven't worked a 40 hour a week job since last year, and it may take some readjusting. and i don't know if i've even approached the land of "i didn't get it", but that may need to be visited, too.

today's sound choice is shapeshifters with "back to basics"


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