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Thursday, March 5, 2009

que sera sera

with regard to accomplishing tasks, i am learning so much. i wonder sometimes about my efficacy and my ability to get a job done. for me, it is one thing to envision a thing. it is a completely different thing however, to actualize and work at bringing that thing to life.

the more involved i become in the production or creation of a thing, the more i realize it needs to happen with a grain of salt. i will not be able to micromanage every detail and there will be mistakes made. people will get their feelings hurt, people will seem to change in the middle as they get their egos touched or their expectations squashed.

i am learning this may be part of the process and i can't take it all personally. i have to let people have their emotions and play out some of their dramas. and what i need to do is remember my raison d'etre. what is my motive here?

when i can find my way back to that reality- that platform- i can find peace amid the strangeness and drama. i can look at the whole process and see that i am indeed accomplishing my basic goal. if that mission (jump starting the idea of community among hiv positives in my city) is in motion, the rest is cake.

que sera sera... whatever will be...

today's sound choice is pretty self explanatory.. doris day singing "que sera sera"


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