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Thursday, April 9, 2009

it's a brand new world

the schedule is new. the people are new. the place is new. the duties are completely new.

i am slowly feeling as if i am assimilating into this new reality. i am sure that the challenges will come forward, but as of yet it has been a fairly painless transition. i am to be working in 3 clinic locations during the week and have yet to really experience the scattering of intention that may bring. i know that these are the busiest hiv clinics in the city and there will be ample opportunity to interact with people with many levels of relationship to drugs and alcohol.

my position is as an sbirt screener. it is part of a statewide effort to offer individual level interventions to persons with regard to their imbibing habits. it is said that 5 percent of coloradans have an addiction or serious abuse issue, 25 percent have heavy and over-use issues and that the other 70 percent don't fall into those categories. it is also believed that interventions with a few from the 70 percent category may prevent them from moving into one of the higher risk categories, especially if they are offered in a health care setting. to me, this seems it could be a blessing.

today's sound choice is silversun pickups with "panic switch" i really loved their last big hit "lazy eye". i still listen to it regularly. there's something about the sound that hooks me...


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Java said...

Enjoy the thrill! and good luck

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