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Friday, December 11, 2009

holiday cheer

On The Ten- Don't Let HIV Boggle Your Mind

i have a wonderfully busy weekend planned. client holiday party today and then 2 parties over the weekend. we have finished the newest edition of the newsletter and it has involved some real changes. curious to see how  it is received. i learn more about this process with each publication. It's name (TEN-Treatment Education Network) comes from a not-for-profit that was started to further education and social networking for hiv+ persons in colorado.

i began a page devoted to recovery support issues in this edition. i am disappointed that all the ASO's (AIDS Service Organizations) and CBO's (Community Based Organizations) did not respond with some information, but I am thrilled with those who did. As a community, a city, and a state, it is my hope that we will see living well and living successfully with hiv a rule rather than an exception and continue growing into that mindset.

i have hinted before about hopes of creating/resurrecting a statewide coalition of support, treatment updates and education, not just for providers, but for those infected and affected citizens as well. this is the first step in making that wish come to fruition.

holiday cheer to you from TEN!!!



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