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Saturday, February 20, 2010

just another day

i met her several years ago. she had gotten some charges (probably distribution) and she presented in complete denial that she had done anything wrong. she consistently claims uninvolvement in anything illegal having to do with meth. her usual story is that the police charges have no merit. she was just in the vicinity, but not attached to any criminal or drug activity. the latest one is that she was standing beside a car that had drugs undernneath it, but she had absolutely no connection. this is typically the same. a most unusual piece of her story remains her weight, as she is obese- a highly unusual attribute for someone who does meth at almost every opportunity.

she did go to serve some time in jail for a legal charge, and she came out 7 or 8 months later declaring a new love for the bible which she claimed to be reading every day. she remained homeless, sort of couch surfing between her childs home and she and her co-horts van. many times i would see her, she would appear kind of gritty, as if she worked as a chimney sweep. she would be coherent on some occasions and completely unbalanced and wired on others. all the while completely denying any relationship with meth at all.

her stance has not shifted much in the years that i have known her. she falls in and out of touch with me depending upon her need. she usually comes around when she is having difficulty with the law and thinks i might be able to help her get out of some trouble.

she has appeared recently again and has not changed much of her banter. there is little chance of change until she feels it necessary. i have already been telling her the truth as i see it for several years now. she doesn't make any changes, but she occasionally acknowledges there may be another truth.

for now this is as good as it gets...

today's sound choice is daniel merriweather with "change"

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1 comment:

Geoff said...

I have a niece like this. She leads a very sad and turbulent life. Excellent perspective and sound's a favorite of mine.

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