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Saturday, February 9, 2008

moving on

image credit: geoff barringer

yesterday in the support group, we had the second person graduate successfully from the matrix program. he is to maintain some aftercare, but he will no longer be attending the regular "getting off" group. we had some cake, gave him a note of congratulations and had him talk about his experience.

the astounding thing is how such a small ritual affects all the rest of the group participants. it reminds them subtly that there is movement in the treatment process and that moving on is a place to be moving toward. and hopefully it opens up the possibility that they are really getting better. really participating in some "normal" life events like graduation.

and i cannot tell you what a blessing and an honor it is to witness the metamorphasis that has happened in this man. he is so much more grounded, so much more honest, so much more open, and so much less manipulative. nothing is perfect. but progress in him reads like a primer.

i have another validation that my current position is a good place for me to be. recovery can work and is a great option for people who are fucked up and suffering with addiction. i get to witness this miracle called recovery once in awhile, and i get to hold the belief in the idea of recovery when others are unable to do so themselves.

it was a red-letter day for me yesterday. i definitely am doing something that is a good fit for me.


Marc said...

Rah Rah Rod! That pic is of you circa 1982, right?

Java said...

Ain't it great when life's forces conspire to encourage rather than to hound you?

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